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The following donors to Evanston Lakehouse Dunes (ELD) are newly listed on the City's website, as of today, Oct. 12, 2018. According to the website, the total amount all donors have contributed is $379, 245. These donors have brought the former total of $350,425 up $28,820.00 dollars.  I am requesting any and all documentation that details how much *each* of these donors donated to ELD

New as of Oct. 11:


Athru Partners

 Ann Adams & Kent Bostick

Rita & Bob Bailey

 Steven Bossolari & Sandra Waxman

 Joan Cherry & John Cara

 Jeffrey & Liz Coney

Candice & Tony Dalrymple

 Noreen Edwards & Mark Metz

Joseph & Margaret Flanagan

Marya & Peter Frankel

Margaret & Neil Gambow

 Lori & Adam Goodman

Shannon Kelly

 Amy & Richard Kurzawski

 Nicole & Zak Kustok

David & Mary Leitschuh

 Mary & Ron Lewis

Jane & John Lionberger

Jean O'Keefe & Marianne Littau

Kenneth Marcelle Trust

 Rachael & Joe Matthews

Anne & Tom McMahon

David Miller & Peggy McTigue

Peter Morris

Michael Norris

 Cydney & William Post

 Mimi & Craig Roeder

 Marc Rolfes & Susan Comstock

 Michael Sear

Ingrid & William Stafford

 Keith Terry

Kathy Tisdahl & Pat Hughes

Melissa Thompson

 Daria Valensise

 Amy Mosser & David Vance

 Jean & Robert Ward

Karl Peters & Blair Wellensiek

 Thomas Witt

 Holly & Lee Zimmerman

Thank you


October 12, 2018 via web


October 19, 2018


City Manager, Legal


Nancy Sreenan





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Devon Reid

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