Request #18-1291

As required by ASTM Standard Practice E 1527-13 for environmental site assessments, EPS Environmental
Services, Inc. requests to obtain information from the following Village/Town/City department(s) in order to
ascertain the historical uses and/or occupancy of the following property, to determine if any may have
had an environmental impact:

1703-1711 Darrow Avenue and 1715 Church Street
PIN#s: and


From the Building Department (or similar) –
Any records reflecting the permission to construct, alter or demolish improvements on the Property, and
which indicate the Property’s original development and/or past usage history. Additionally, any records
with environmentally significant information, such as the installation or removal of underground storage
tanks, or records of complaints, inspections or permits reflecting air emissions, noise, asbestos or
hazardous materials.


From the Zoning Department –
The current zoning restrictions; and if available, the historical zoning restrictions on the Property, (i.e., the
zoning designation(s) and brief definition(s) only, not the entire ordinance) to determine if the Property’s use
has changed significantly.


From the Fire Department (Fire Prevention Bureau) –
Any records or inspections on file reflecting the current or previous storage or use of hazardous substances
or petroleum products, including the current or historical presence of underground storage tanks (e.g.,
installation, inspection, or removal records) on the Property, and additionally, any records with
environmentally significant information, such as hazardous material incidents at or near the property.


From the Water Department -

Where does the Village/City/Town obtain its water (e.g., deep/shallow wells, via an entity, body of water,
etc.) and where is the water collected and treated (e.g. Municipal Water Treatment Plant, entity name)? Is
the water is tested periodically for contaminants and is in compliance with all EPA drinking water regulations,
unless a local drinking water advisory has been issued. Any and all records as it pertains to potable or
groundwater-monitoring wells located on the Property.


From the Sewer Department -
Does the Wastewater and stormwater run-off within the Village/Town/City discharge into separate or
combined sewer systems? Which entity collects and treats the sanitary effluent (e.g. MWRDGC, JAWA)? If
on a separate system, where does the storm water runoff discharge to (e.g., local waterway, lake, etc.) Any
and all records as it pertains to septic systems on the Property


November 28, 2018 via email


December 5, 2018


Fire, Public Works, Community Development, Health


Lori Schulz





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Devon Reid

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