Request #19-490

FOIA Officer

1454 Elmwood Avenue,

Evanston, IL 60201


Re: Illinois Freedom of Information Act Request


Dear FOIA Officer:  


This is a request for public records pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), 5 ILCS 140/1 to 140/11. I am requesting that you provide me with public records[1] in the custody or control of the municipality relating to the policies, practices, and procedures of the Evanston Police Department (“the Department”).


The Evanston Police Department currently maintains policies and procedures either drafted in whole or in part by Lexipol,[2] including policies governing officer uses of force, immigration policy, employment procedures, temporary modified duty assignments and accommodations for pregnant officers, and officer discipline. Given the importance of these policies in the day-to-day operation of the Department, this Request seeks records relating to the City’s financial relationship with Lexipol and relating to the products and services Lexipol provides to the City.


Please provide the following records from the period January 1, 2018 to the present:


  1. Records regarding your relationship with Lexipol:

    1. Purchasing and procurement records referencing services or products offered by Lexipol, including but not limited to purchase orders, acquisition contracts, grant applications, budget requests, loans, donations, invoices, or other funding records;
    2. To the extent not produced in response to Request 1 above, all records referencing the purchase, acquisition, subscription to, or payment to Lexipol LLC for law enforcement policies;
    3. All policy guides, manuals, implementation guides, or training materials produced by Lexipol LLC, including materials hosted on Lexipol’s website that are accessed, retained, or used by the Department;


  1. Records referencing public discussion of materials produced by Lexipol to the Department, including meeting agendas or minutes, public notice, analyses, or communications between the Department and elected leaders or government officials; and
  2. Communications between any representative, employee, or officer of the Department and any representative, employee, or agent of Lexipol. This request includes any communications between a Department-affiliated representative, employee, or agent writing on behalf of an outside membership organization (e.g., the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police or a union representing police officers).
  1. Records sufficient to show your compliance with 5 ILCS 805/20 of the Illinois Trust Act. (“By January 1, 2018, every law enforcement agency shall provide guidance to its law enforcement officials on compliance with Section 15 of this Act.”); and


  1. Records sufficient to show your policies, procedures, and practices regarding reasonable accommodations for Department officers who are pregnant, recovering from childbirth, or experiencing related conditions such as lactation, including any policies, procedures, and practices governing temporary modified-duty assignments, light duty assignments, uniforms, body armor or equipment modifications for pregnant officers.


Please send electronic copies of the requested materials in a readable format to:


Records that can only be furnished in a paper format may be sent to:

Jillian Edmonds

Roger Baldwin Foundation of ACLU, Inc.

150 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 600

Chicago, IL 60601-1287


If any of these records are available via the internet, please advise me of the proper site for downloading these records.


As you know, the Illinois FOIA requires that you make available for inspection and copying all public records, except certain exempt records, within five working days of receipt of a written request.


If you determine that portions of the requested records are exempt from the Act, we expect that you will delete such exempted material and send copies of the remaining non-exempt material within five working days. Also, if all or any part of this request is denied, please provide in writing the specific exemption(s) under the Act on which you rely to withhold the records. We are prepared to pay reasonable copying costs for reproducing the requested materials, but request that you waive any such fees under the provision of FOIA that authorizes you to waive copying fees when release of requested information is “in the public interest.” In compliance with section 6(b) of the amended FOIA, I represent to you that the documents are sought to determine information concerning the legal rights of the general public and this request is not for the purpose of personal or commercial benefit. Accordingly, a waiver of fees is in the public interest as defined by section 6(b).


If you deny the request for waiver, please notify me before compiling records for which the copying charge will exceed $50.00 so that we can discuss narrowing the request to cover only the information I seek.


You may contact me at (312) 201-9740 ext. 313 with any questions.




Jillian Edmonds

Roger Baldwin Foundation of the ACLU


[1] Throughout this request, the term “records” includes but is not limited to any paper or electronic information, reports, evaluations, memoranda, correspondence, letters, emails, charts, graphs, flyers, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, training materials, diagrams, forms, DVDs, tapes, CDs, notes, or other similar materials.

[2] “Lexipol” includes LEXIPOL, Lexipol, Lexipol, LLC, and any other business name used by Lexipol, LLC to conduct business with your agency.


May 13, 2019 via web


May 28, 2019




Jillian Edmonds





Point of Contact

Devon Reid

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