Request #20-30

Hampton Park Condominiums

Addresses: 2730, 2732, 2740, 2742, 2750, 2752, 2760, 2762, 2764, 2766 Hampton Parkway. 

Parcels: 05-35-311-019-1001(parent)
05-35-311-019-1001 through 05-35-311-019-1091

Please provide copies of any open zoning, building, or fire code violations; copies of the Certificate(s) of Occupancy; copies of any variances, special or conditional use permits, or exceptions, and copy of the Site Plan that show the density, parking, setbacks, height, and use.  Please do not exceed $50.00 without prior approval.  Our ref# 136209-1


January 10, 2020 via web


January 27, 2020


Fire, Property Standards


Shannon Boudreau





Point of Contact

Devon Reid

Request Closed Public

Fulfilled - No Redactions

We released all of the requested documents pursuant to your FOIA Request.

January 23, 2020, 11:10am by Eduardo Gomez, Deputy City Clerk
Document(s) Released to Requester   Details Public
HAMPTON PRKY 2730-2766 - ZONING VERIF LETTER - 01.21.20.pdf
Hampton Pkwy 2764 - Unit X1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit A1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit A3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit AB-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit B1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit B2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2730-Unit B3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2732-Unit C3-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2732-Unit D1-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2732-Unit D2-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2732-Unit DG-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2732-Unit E1-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2740-Unit G2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2740-Unit G3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2740-Unit H1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2740-Unit H2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2740-Unit H3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742 F3-Condo Conv-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit F1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit I1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit I2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit I3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit J1-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit J2-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit J3-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit K1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit K2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2742-Unit K3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit P1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit P2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit P3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit PQ.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit Q2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2750-Unit Q3-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit L1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit L2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit L3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit M1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit M2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit M3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit N1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit N2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit N3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit O1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit O2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2752-Unit O3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760 VW-Condo Conv-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit V1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit V2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit V3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit W1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit W2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2760-Unit W3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762 - Unit T2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762 - Unit U3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit R1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit R2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit R3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit S1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit S3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit T1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit T3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2762-Unit U2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764- Unit Y3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764- Unit YG.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit X3-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit Y1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit Y2-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit Z1-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit Z2-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2764-Unit Z3-CofO.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2766- Unit AA1.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2766- Unit AA2.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2766- Unit AA3.doc
Hampton Pkwy.2766-Unit AABB-Cof O.doc
January 23, 2020, 11:09am by Eduardo Gomez, Deputy City Clerk
Due Date Changed Public
01/27/2020 (was 01/17/2020). 5 DAY EXTENSION
January 17, 2020, 4:08pm by Eduardo Gomez, Deputy City Clerk
Department Assignment Public
Added: Fire, Property Standards.
January 17, 2020, 4:07pm by Eduardo Gomez, Deputy City Clerk
Request Opened Public
Request received via web
January 10, 2020, 1:38pm