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Clare Kelly Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, please provide all proof of payments, receipts,  pled... Clerk; City Manager; Accounting Devon Reid
Sindhura Nimmagadda I am requesting a report of outstanding, uncashed, stale-dated checks (warrants) and/or unreconci... Accounting Devon Reid
Anthony Gorski I respectfully request any and all Fire Department and Police Department written reports, audio, ... Information Technology (IT); Police; Fire; Legal; Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
ProFunder247 Quicker and Simpler than the SBA, http://ProFunder-247.com can get your business a loan for $2K-3... Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Lejia Johnson All hearings presided over by Mitchell Ex on May 1, 2019  Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Liz Houtz FOIA Request of Evanston Animal Control, for any records of fines, citations, violations or inves... Police; Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Kathy Jewusiak 1917 Greenleaf and 1918 Greenleaf Evanston    I would like to request a list of citations issue... Health; Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
No name available I kindly request available transcript/recording and final judgment of the hearing related to a ci... Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Susan C. McKenna I am making a FOIA request for a transcript of Complaint # 18-8902 from the Hearings Division hea... Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Susan C. McKenna I am making a FOIA request for a audio transcript of Complaint # 18-8902 from the Hearings Divisi... Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
John W Miya I am currently applying for the Illinois State Bar and I need information regarding a citation I ... Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
David Fintz All records and documents relative to any building code violations located at 1234 Elmwood Avenue... Community Development; Administrative Adjudication (Hearings) Devon Reid
Leslie Weyhrich Request a listing of the top 30 sales tax producing businesses in the City of Evanston Budget Devon Reid
Maggie Huynh Requesting the following items: -Number and list of complaints you have received via 311 or onli... Budget Devon Reid
Megan Lutz How much does the city spend annually on advertising on the Evanston Now website? I don't see it ... Budget Devon Reid
Ned Frank Hello, I am requesting a land survey for 2025 Dempster.  My client just signed a long term lease... Buildings Devon Reid
Timothy Taugher This request pertains to 1901 Dempster Street, Evanston (currently occupied by Starbucks): 1. Bu... Fire; Buildings Devon Reid
Meghan Daley Re: Halim Time and Glass Museum located at 1560 Oak Avenue, Evanston, Illinois   Pursuant to th... Zoning; Buildings Devon Reid
shahnewaz hossain Sir,   I am in the process of purchasing a condo at 608 Oakton St, Unit 2. I would like to know... Fire; Health; Buildings Devon Reid
Hal F Beyer III site plan of 555 Michigan Ave Evanston Ill. Zoning; Buildings Devon Reid
Mathew S David Can you provide with all permits issued 2015 Central Park Avenue within the last nine months? Zoning; Buildings Devon Reid
Michael Muntean Looking for all records pertaining to 935 Forest Avenue, Evanston 60202. Health; Zoning; Buildings Devon Reid
Sulema Griffin Please list the HVAC Contractor for the Industrious project located at 909 Davis Street Buildings Devon Reid
Jennifer Barton Good afternoon,    We represent the proposed buyers of 536 Sheridan, Evanston, Illinois and are... Health; Buildings Devon Reid
Billie Oshana Hello,  The following information is requested under the Freedom of Information Act Descriptio... Health; Buildings Devon Reid
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